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Meet subrina AI

If you want to use GenAI in your business, but are worried about misinformation – we have the solution you need.

Whether you want GenAI to power a chatbot for customers, or to support staff with work tasks, subrina AI is designed for business use.

subrina AI has its own Knowledge Base for your company content so it’s reassuringly secure. Staff and customers get accurate responses pulled directly from your content so you don’t have to worry about misinformation.


Want to know more?

subrina AI is accurate and secure

subrina AI is your digital assistant, supporting staff and customers with a variety of tasks, questions and queries.

It is easy to implement and can be used ‘out-the-box’ ready to answer questions, or you can use it within a product or app that you’ve already built for your business.

subrina AI can be used to help your business:

• use content more effectively, at the point of need – including handbooks, policies, standard operating procedures, training content, Code of Conduct…

• support customers with an accurate response to any product or service related query they have

• reduce time wasted and the frustration endured when searching for content

• embrace AI without worrying about misinformation and data privacy issues

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