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Turning 'have to do' learning into 'want to do' learning

What we do

Sub-10 is a Digital Learning Platform.

We present two brilliant learning opportunities – for you.

First, you can access Sub-10 learning that is already built – by us – in the Sub-10 way.

Broadly, this built-by-us learning falls into the 8 Subject Areas and 92 Focus Areas identified below. You can click each subject area to explore focus areas.

Please note that we are developing the focus areas as-we-go. Please call +44(0)7379 410 066 or email if you’d like to find out which focus areas are ready right now.

a. Anti-Bribery and Corruption
b. Anti-Money Laundering
c. Bullying and Harassment
d. Code of Conduct
e. Conflict of Interest
f. Customer Rights
g. Data Protection
h. Diversity and Inclusion
i. Fraud Awareness
j. Gifts and Hospitality
k. Incident Management
l. Personal Security
m. Risk Management
n. Security Awareness
o. Whistleblowing

a. Building Relationships
b. Code of Conduct
c. Communication Skills
d. Conflict Resolution
e. Corporate Social Responsibility
f. Customer Service Basics
g. Emotional Intelligence
h. Growth Mindset
i. Innovation Skills
j. Know your Customer
k. Leadership Skills
l. Microsoft Office Basics
m. Onboarding
n. People Management Skills
o. Project Planning
p. Remote Working
q. Safeguarding
r. Wellbeing

a. Basic First Aid
b. COSHH Awareness
c. Display Screen Equipment
d. Fire Safety
e. Fire Warden
f. Forklift Training
g. Manual Handling
h. Mental Health Awareness
i. Mental Health First Aid
j. Noise Awareness
k. Risk Assessment
l. Sharps Training
m. Slips, Trips and Falls
n. Working at Height
o. Working in a Confined Space

a. Conflict Resolution
b. Corporate Social Responsibility
c. Covid 19
d. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
e. Duty of Care in the Workplace
f. Managing Anxiety
g. Onboarding
h. People Management Skills
i. Personal Protective Equipment
j. Remote Working
k. Safeguarding
l. Sexual Harassment
m. Unconscious Bias
n. Wellbeing

a. AI and Machine Learning
b. Cloud Computing
c. Data Analytics
d. Data Science
e. Internet of Things
f. IT Service Management
g. Software Training
h. Networking and Wireless
i. Product Management
j. Project Planning
k. Software Development

a. Building Relationships
b. Communication Skills
c. Emotional Intelligence
d. Growth Mindset
e. Innovation Skills
f. Know your Customer
g. Leadership Skills
h. People Management
i. Public Speaking
j. Supplier Contract Management
k. Time Management
l. Work Life Balance
m. Writing for Results

a. Building Relationships
b. Communication Skills
c. Growth Mindset
d. Leadership Skills
e. People Management
f. Prince 2
g. Project Management Basics
h. Project Management Tools
i. Project Management Processes
j. Project Planning

a. Business to Business Skills
b. Communication Skills
c. Customer Service Basics
d. Growth Mindset
e. Know your Customer
f. Leadership Skills
g. Remote Working
h. Sales Fundamentals
i. Sales Techniques
j. Sales Tools
k. Time Management

The second learning opportunity is for you to build your own learning – using Sub-10 tools and methodologies – in the Sub-10 way.

Get The Balance Right.

The WHO WE ARE FOR section of this website concisely considers how different customer profiles (we call them BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST) might access a balance of built-by-us and build-your-own learning, both in the Sub-10 way.