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Turning compliance training on it head

In most workplaces, just the mention of ‘compliance training’ is enough to elicit sighs, ‘why’s and rolling eyes. The thing is… the reason people don’t want to do compliance training isn’t because they don’t care… it’s because it’s not engaging.

Long, dry and (usually) pretty boring slideshows aren’t the way to go. They don’t engage, they don’t entertain, and because of this, they don’t really work. That’s we decided to turn compliance training on its head.

A quick bit of background

We started sub-10 three years ago with the goal of turning have-to-do learning into want-to-do learning, and we’ve been doing just that ever since.

Our learning process has always been the same, delivering training through short, engaging, dynamic learning units, all under 10 minutes (hence the name!).

With our latest platform overhaul, we’ve decided to go one step further. We’ve made our platform more accessible to all organisations, users and learners.

So what’s new?

We now offer an affordable, pay-per-user framework, so you only pay for the seats you need. This ensures that sub-10 works for your business, if you have 5 or 500 employees to train.

You can use the platform on the go from any device. So whether you have a 30-minute gap in your schedule, or some spare time on your commute… it’s ready to go whenever you are.

Intelligent compliance training

Our unique, intelligent platform uses real-time learner data to understand the individual needs of your team. So if someone is struggling with a certain topic, sub-10 pushes the content that they need towards them, right when they need it.

Sometimes, a quick refresher as a situation arises is all someone needs. That’s why our compliance topics are accessible at any time (even after completion), and structured into bite-sized units that your team can follow in less than 10 minutes.

Promote progress

As someone responsible for ensuring training needs are met, you can easily track the progress, engagement and training behaviour of each person in your admin dashboard. You can share these insights by exporting detailed reports, that also help to prove the value of learning in your organisation.

Stay up to date

Our team of compliance experts have their fingers on the pulse of changes to the law and best-practice. Topics are continually updated as and when things change so every user gets the latest information. So, when an individual returns to a topic, they might very well learn something completely new along the way.

Try it for free

We believe so much in our unique approach to compliance training, that we offer a 100% free ‘Safeguarding Essentials’ topic to show you how sub-10 works.

So if you want to learn how to recognise, respond to, and refer signs of harm, through a series of engaging sub-10-minute units, click here to get started.

You even get a certificate of completion to show your commitment to learning.

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