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sub-10 designs learning differently

Each of our concise learning units has just one learning outcome.

A unit can be a video, an animation, a podcast, a pdf, or a piece of e-learning. It might even be a scenario or a game. Whatever the format, each unit uses emotive design to bring characters and context to life ensuring the learning is relatable and memorable.

Our units form part of a well-designed curriculum, but you only need to do what’s relevant to you. Your own learning pathway is made up of the units you need, meaning that the units and the way they fit together are unique to you and your learning needs.

Units are interjected with interactions and quizzes to assess your progress and understanding. If you struggle, we’ll give you the same unit but in a different format to see if that lands better.

Sub-10 offers you a progressive way to learn and allows you to:

  • Learn how you like to learn
  • Fit training around your busy schedule
  • Pause between units and reflect
  • Build knowledge over time
sub-10 explainer video

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