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Safeguarding Essentials – What’s it all about?

Our new Sub-10 Safeguarding Essentials training will get you thinking…and acting. It’s not ‘have to do’ learning, it’s ‘want to do’ learning, in which you follow the stories of four characters and identify opportunities to RECOGNISE, RESPOND to and REFER the safeguarding concerns in each case.

There are four units: Introduction, Recognise, Respond, and Refer.

The Introduction unit explains what Safeguarding is, why it’s so important, and the consequences and cost of failing to do it. You meet John, Julie, Lia and Emily, the four characters whose stories are told throughout.

The Recognise unit uses the unfolding four stories to show how to recognise the key behaviour changes that may indicate a safeguarding concern.

The Respond unit explains how to respond appropriately when you feel there is a safeguarding concern. Can you reflect on the four stories and identify the missed opportunities that may have changed the outcome?

The Refer unit identifies when to refer concerns to the appropriate safeguarding specialist or agency.

Our four short units are just the start, we will be adding to this suite of learning and building up your knowledge and understanding of Safeguarding Essentials.

Take a look at the units on our platform and let us know what you think…

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