Learning Technology

Using New Technology

We can design and create effective traditional online, offline and blended learning solutions but we also recognise the power of new technology and what we can achieve when we engage with it.

At PROTO we have access to some of the most exciting new technology and talent in the UK and we can harness all of that to help enhance your new learning experiences.

PROTO was the final piece of the jigsaw when we were discussing setting up SUB 10. We feel very privileged to become part of such an amazing digital community. Angela Ross, Co-founder

Creating Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) completely immerses a learner in a virtual world.  So, you actually become a surgeon in a state-of-the-art operating theatre, a shop assistant at a counter serving a new customer or a diver practising complex moves deep in the North Sea.  Once immersed in this type of technology, our senses convince us that we are perceiving a real experience but only if the quality of the content is good.

This solution can be used to create challenges and experiences that you can repeat and re-do over and over to build confidence and knowledge and apply new skills.

Applying Augmented Reality

SUB 10 can introduce you to the sci-fi world of Augmented Reality (AR).  A headset or mobile device allows you to project an image, set of instructions or even learning challenges into your living room, workspace or local coffee shop!  You can see and interact with the world around you as normal but with the most amazing and engaging view in front of you…augmenting your reality.

Some companies within the Aerospace industry are already using the HoloLens to train learners in advanced techniques and they are making astonishing time savings and improved quality control within the real production processes as a result.

We really believe this will be a game changer for learning across the board. People just love learning this way, they are excited, engaged and most importantly…learning! Peter Stephenson, Co-Founder

Designing Animations

SUB 10 can provide engaging and effective animations to add a real sense of joy to your learning experiences.  We can make bespoke animation pieces to introduce your business, explain a concept or just add some fun to your learning solution.

Using Motion Capture Stage

We have access to a 188 m2 motion capture stage in PROTO. The stage is not only perfect for animation and visual effects but also provides innovative tracking solutions for VR, training and simulation, hologram creation and movement sciences.

Using 3D Character Capture

PROTO’s state-of-the-art photogrammetry stage is available for us to use and can scan and capture characters and large items. The stage uses 120 cameras to shoot 3D images of bodies, faces and heads creating photorealistic digital characters for games, immersive experiences and beyond.  We can take the data from the scans and work with a post-production company to clean the scanned data and present you with a finished model.

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