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Declutter Your Digital Training

Is it time to declutter your Digital Training?

When you look at your online training courses what do you see?

Heavy one-off 60-minute experiences packed full of content with lots of learning objectives? Or do you see shorter 10-minute or less units each with one key objective which build to form a topic and the topic sits within a defined curriculum?

As an employee, which format do you think provides a better experience? Something you have to wade through, all busy and packed full of content or discrete units laid out and clearly labelled so you can pick what you need, when you need it?

Lots of questions but in terms of how we learn, the answer is simple. We learn better through shorter lessons as this suits the average attention span which is typically under 15 minutes. It’s also better if the learner can personalise the learning experience, reflecting on what they know already, so several shorter units can connect together in any order and allow you to find your own learning pathway through the material. Learners can access content on the go, for example, they could re-do a 5-minute video on train in the morning to remind themselves of a topic or they could access a 5-minute eLearning piece showing instructions for a task at their workstation.

Effective learning should also be spaced out over time rather than be taken in one massed experience. Take learning to drive, most people need more than one lesson before they start to get the hang of it. So how can we expect learners do a course once and then suddenly be competent in that topic and be able to apply the key principles? Shorter units, spaced out over time with the option to go back in and repeat as and when necessary, helps build and consolidate the learning.

It’s also easier with the 10 minute or less approach to achieve engagement using multi-modal formats – the learner might see a video and then the same content can be shown as a short eLearning experience or it could be embedded within a quiz… Seeing the same content in different formats is highly effectively in terms of shaping the learning and the learner’s ability to apply what they know as it ensures they have a more rounded appreciation of the material.

At Sub-10, our expertise is focused around the 10-minute or less experiences. De-cluttered content, easily accessed, spaced out over time and using rich presentation modes to help engagement. We’re great at clearing out the clutter from existing courses too and working your content into an organised, engaging and effective format. This isn’t about micro-learning, it’s about presenting content in a more effective way, allowing you to bring the learning into the workflow.

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