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Peter and Angela, sub-10

We are proud to announce that we received a generous £350,000 from the North East Innovation Fund, supported by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and managed by Northstar Ventures, as well as £210,000 from Innovate UK’s Innovation Funding Services Combined Investor Partnerships programme.

Additional funding came from angel investors, led by lead investor Dan Smyth with James Gasteen, who will take up an non-executive director role on behalf of the group.

Co-founder and CEO Peter Stephenson said: “Over the last three years sub-10 has designed and developed award-winning digital learning content for organisations such as Sage Plc, Northumbria Police and Your Move. “We design each of our 10-minute or less learning units with one purpose and one learning objective, so the learning intention is clear.

“Each unit builds into a curriculum. We have proven that our unique sub-10 methodology increases learner engagement through our global training roll-outs. Our unique AI innovation will intelligently generate the appropriate personalised learning pathway through the content.”

Co-founder and COO Angela Ross added: “We believe in learning. And all the things that learning can do to enhance individuals and organisations.

“We are excited to launch our first compliance product on our new sub-10 platform. It will be high-quality content delivered on our data-focused intelligent platform that will allow companies of all sizes to access effective training and measure real impact on a cost-effective subscription basis.”

Northstar Ventures investment director Richard Charnley said: “Sub-10 has a clear aim to turn ‘have to do learning’ into ‘want to do learning’. We are impressed with its track record of delivering bespoke solutions for the likes of Sage and Northumberland Police and the platform that’s being developed to create a unique learning pathway.

“We are looking forward to seeing the new sub-10 compliance product launch at the end of April, with exciting new training for SME’s. We are delighted to support them to be able to develop their products and market further.”
Innovate UK’s Bruce Colley added: “I am delighted that grant funding of £210,000 will help to support the development of sub-10’s data driven AI pathway.”

He added that the validation provided by independent assessors along with the non-dilutive grant funding was intended to take some of the technology risk and therefore make the company even more attractive to investors.

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