How We Do It

Analysing Your Requirements

Our number one goal is to get to know you and your business and to really listen and understand what it is you need our help with.  We recognise that a well-designed, fun and effective training programme can energise and drive the whole business forward.

Our experienced and passionate learning designer will work with you to analyse exactly what the learning experience needs to involve and what key outcomes it needs to deliver.  Under the watchful eye of our Creative Director will ensure this most important phase of the project is handled expertly.

Designing Your Learning

Ok, so now we know exactly what it is we need to achieve with the training…the fun part begins!

At this point we show you the technology and design options at our disposal to deliver a truly engaging and exciting learning experience.  As well as dividing your experience into easy to access units, we look at how we can enhance your content.

We guide you through the options step by step and provide easy to follow design documents and examples.

“We create a learning approach which can be personalised so the learner completes only the relevant units, enabling them to find their own pathway through the material and build relevant skills and knowledge.” Angela, Co-founder

Producing the Learning Experience

Now the really exciting part…producing the design and seeing the vision come to life.   We provide regular prototypes and early stage versions of each unit.  Regular meetings and review points are added to make the process as transparent and flexible as possible.

We understand that sometimes changes do need to be made and we have flexibility built in to ensure that happens smoothly.  The bronze, silver and gold sign offs will help us to produce a learning experience that we are all proud of.

Production is a real passion at SUB 10. We love making high quality, challenging and engaging learning experiences Peter, Co-founder

Rolling the Learning Out!

We work alongside you to plan an implementation schedule to roll out the learning experience across your business.

This may involve some pre-launch activity like a short fun animation or game as a teaser prior to launch.  Our aim is to ensure that the new learning experience is introduced to your learners with the highest level of support and care.

Measuring success is critical with any project and we understand how important it is to quantify the learning achieved and the difference or impact on the organisation. Peter and Angela, Co-founders

Moving Forwards

What happens after the learning experience is implemented?

This is a passion at SUB 10, we want to help you track and analyse:

  • How well the learning experience has been received
  • How effective it has been
  • What next steps need to be put in place to ensure that you get the best return on your training investment as possible

We really do want to create a partnership with your business and your learners.