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Turning 'have to do' learning into 'want to do' learning

Special Projects

Occasionally, Sub-10 work on ‘Sub-10 Special Projects’.

It’s our ‘third way’ of working with Sub-10 clients.

A Reminder.

Sub-10 is a Digital Learning Platform.

And as a reminder, we present two brilliant ‘core’ learning opportunities – for you.

First, you can access Sub-10 learning that is already built – by us – in the Sub-10 way.

Second, you can build your own learning – using Sub-10 tools and methodologies – in the Sub-10 way.

Sub-10 Special Projects is the third way of engaging with Sub-10. It’s reserved for the specific requirements of some of our BIGGEST client group members.

What is a Sub-10 Special Project?

A Sub-10 Special Project might include our team taking the time to develop a brief with you. Learning about how your thousands of people, dozens of departments and multiple sites interact, for example.

Together, we’d likely develop a range of 100% bespoke content, a bespoke version of the Sub-10 Learning Platform and more.

We’ve taken this approach with one of the world’s largest software development brands, Sage. As well as one of the UK’s largest and most socially impactful organisations, Northumbria Police.

Learn More.

If you fall into the Sub-10 BIGGEST Client Type category and would like to learn more about the Sub-10 Special Projects approach, please call +44(0)7379 410 066 or email