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Turning 'have to do' learning into 'want to do' learning


Here at Sub-10 we are clear about the change we want to make. We are clear about our purpose.

We want to turn ‘Have To Do Learning’ into ‘Want To Do Learning’.

A Genuinely Different Approach.

We do this by taking a genuinely different approach to the creation of learning experiences. An approach that enables every learner to create endless unique and personal ‘self-built’ learning.

Learners then access Sub-10’s effortless indexed learning units any time, any place, via a world class Sub-10 Digital Learning Platform.

Built Up – Not Chopped Up.

Sub-10 learning units are created one-by-one. Built up. Not chopped up.

So every learning unit has a completely unique dynamic. And they make perfect sense in any order.

A game. A video. A quiz. The learner simply picks any unit they feel like doing, right now.

They experience the learning they want to do.

Because in the world of Sub-10, there is no ‘have to do’ learning at all.