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About us

sub-10 began in 2018 and for three years we have been providing learning solutions for companies including Sage Plc, Northumbrian Police and Your Move. 

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Our story

sub-10 was formed by Peter Stephenson and Angela Ross and in many ways, the sub-10 brand was born from frustration. Peter explains:

“I’ve always thought it strange, and frustrating, that an individual or an organisation’s learning is so very often seen as a distraction. Something that gets in the way. It’s frustrating for me because I know, and Angela knows, that great learning never ever gets in the way. Quite the opposite in fact. Great learning lights the way.”

Peter’s 20 years in Digital Game Development and Learning, and Angela’s extensive experience in Instructional Design, means that the sub-10 learning experience is somehow more palatable than the alternatives.

sub-10 learning is content-rich and learning-rich of course. But somehow more enjoyable. More fun. So the learner really does move from ‘have to do’ to ‘want to do’.

Co-Founder Angela Ross is a multi-award winning learning experience designer. Angela adds:

“My background in education is a great help, I think. Because whilst we’re certainly not ‘serious minded’ in our approach here at sub-10, we are fully appreciative of the fact that learning is a serious matter. It’s people’s time they are investing. And it is their futures we are affecting. So I want learners get something super-valuable for their time investment. Every learner. Every time.”

Angela continues:

“We believe in learning. And all the things that learning can do to enhance individuals and organisations. But we are never forceful in our approach. In fact, the sub-10 approach is the exact opposite of forceful. The sub-10 approach is the ultimate in flexible learning.”

Every learning unit that Angela and the team create is under 10 minutes long.

And there are several different build approaches. Some are quizzes. Some are linear videos. Some are interactive observational exercises.

Angela explains.

“sub-10 minute learning units equate to ‘flexible learning’. Our intelligent learning platform generates a learning pathway that takes them on a progressive journey, building knowledge over time.”

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