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Turning 'have to do' learning into 'want to do' learning


Sub-10 is a Digital Learning Platform.

We present two brilliant learning opportunities – for you.

First, you can access Sub-10 learning that is already built – by us – in the Sub-10 way.

Second, you can build your own learning – using Sub-10 tools and methodologies – in the Sub-10 way.

The Sub-10 Way.

Sub-10 learning is only ever built up from individual, sub-10-minute-long learning units. So you or your team learn when you like, where you like, with units in whatever order you like.


Sub-10 learners ‘Learn Fresh’.

It’s because we build learning units in endlessly fresh ways. So your learners can assemble them in endlessly fresh ways.

That way, the learning and your learners always feel – well – fresh!

Built up. Not Chopped Up.

Sub-10 learning units are created one-by-one.  Built up. Not chopped up.

This means that every learning unit has a completely unique dynamic.

A game. A video. A quiz. So you can pick any unit you feel like doing – right now.

We turn ‘have to do learning’ – into ‘want to do learning’.

Who is Sub-10 for?

Broadly, Sub-10 has 3 kinds of client.

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Let’s Learn About Each Other.

It would be great to learn how we can help you too.

Please call +44(0)7379 410 066 or email

Creating the exact videos we want during a pandemic is tricky! So it’ll be Quarter 1 2021 when the population of the Sub-10 Video Centre begins. Click below to see what’s coming.

Built up. Not Chopped up.
Learning Technologies Awards

Best Learning Technologies Project
UK Commercial Sector (2020)

Learning Technologies Awards

Excellence in the Design of Learning Content
International Commercial Sector (2020)

Start-up Learning Provider
of the Year (2021)

Safeguarding Essentials – What’s it all about?

Our new Sub-10 Safeguarding Essentials training will get you thinking…and acting. It’s not ‘have to do’ learning, it’s ‘want to do’ learning, in which you
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Learning Awards Start-up Learning Provider of the Year 2021

2021. WINNER – SILVER. The Learning Awards. Start-up Learning Provider of the Year.

Really excited to announce that the team at SUB 10 won the Silver award at The Learning Awards for Start-up Learning Provider of the Year.
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Sage Sub-10 Silver Award

Sub-10 – WINNERS.

Sub-10 and Sage win national award for the Best Learning Technologies Project (UK Commercial Sector) at the Learning Technologies Awards 2020.
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